Extensions enhance the core functionality of Beaver Builder

Unlike modules, extensions are not additional modules for use on the page. Instead, they are enhancements to the core Beaver Builder functionality that provide some additional functionality and flexibility.


The Custom CSS/SCSS module allows you to add styles that are automatically scoped to individual Rows, Columns, and Modules! This allows you to make your designs and layouts as complex as necessary to achieve your desired results, even if specific styling options aren't available inside a node's native settings.

Regardless of the type of node the SCSS is being added to, you will find a new section in the Advanced Tab:

Any styles written in this area will automatically be scoped to the module they belong to. For instance, the above would produce:

.fl-node-5b87f7a7a9d5d.fl-module-beicon .fl-module-content {
    // Paste Your Styles Here

Since SCSS is fully supported, you can nest styles, use variables, etc. 2 variables are always included:

  • $medium-breakpoint

  • $responsive-breakpoint

Which are mapped to the global Beaver Builder settings, and will be recompiled with the settings are changed.


Will Produce the following CSS, automatically compiled and output:

.fl-node-5b87f7a7a9d5d.fl-module-beicon .fl-module-content .be-icon-wrap {
    opacity: 1;
@media (min-width: 641px) {
    .fl-node-5b87f7a7a9d5d.fl-module-beicon .fl-module-content .be-icon-wrap {
        position: relative;

SCSS is compiled on your server. Some PHP configurations may cause unpredictable results


By default, Beaver Builder enables animations on modules only. The Animation Extension enables both columns and rows to be animated as well.

Once enabled, you will find a new section for column and row settings under the Advanced Tab called Animations. Simple select the animation options you want, and that's it.


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